Wedding outfits

This time around I wanted to wear saree and did that for both the weddings we attended.

For the first wedding I got the opportunity again to wear some of the beautiful garments I had during my own wedding time. And they still fit Allhamdulillah, even the saree πŸ˜… Hehe, did not expect that tbh. But Allhamdulillah, no adjustment needed which was good as there was no time for that after our arrival. 

Outfit worn at the mosque where the Nikah was performed. Location of this picture was taken somewhere else. Lol. This was taken at the Mount Lavinia hotel (had to pick up my outfit at the dry cleaners for the nikah dinner πŸ˜…)

Speaking of is where I got to wear my mehendi outfit. Unfortunatly I did not take an outfit picture from this dinner. But I have one to share from the mehendi itself. 

For the Nikah I carried the shawl in a simpler style over the shoulders. A bit more classic and not so bridal. 

Excuse the location, this was post nikah fun at carnival ice cream. 

For the waleema I got the chance to wear one of my virindu (post wedding dinner) outfits. A beautiful Saree gifted by my mother in law. For those that remember the virindu I wore it in a slightly different style. For this waleema I went a classic. 

The last and final wedding outfit was also a saree. Not one I had worn before. 

I just love how elegant a saree can make you look and feel. Not the most easiest thing to wear and a bit of a task to drape it and remove it. That could also be because I am a bit picky on the draping of a saree mind you πŸ˜…

But do try to have your washroom needs out of the way before you drape it on. 

Either way I just love a good saree drape. Pure elegance wrapped in a long piece of material. 


Exploring Dubai

Salaams everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful Eid and enjoying your Eid weekend wherever you may be. 

This Eid weekend we decided to do some exploring of Dubai. More specifically we went to the Al Fahidi neighborhood in Bur Dubai. Not any secret place … tbh a very touristy place. But for me this was new..and it was beautiful. 

We started of at this beautiful chilled place called Arabian Tea House. As we were full from a very heavy breakfast we did not get anything to eat and just had some tea. But we will for sure come back for some of that delicious looking food. 

We had this delicious blossoming tea. Always so fascinating watching this little ball they put in blossom into a flower as the tea starts brewing. 

We explored on after sipping our tea and chatting. 

And my do they have some beautiful cafes, small little boutiques and a lot of amazing art. 

My instagram story as we were browsing through Al Fahidi neighborhood

#MyDubai ❀️

Food must haves in Lanka

This post is dedicated to all foodies. Lanka has a lot of food gems and for each time I go I learn about more places. My husband has introduced me to places I now feel I can’t leave Lanka without going there. 

Allow me to share some of them with you. If you follow me on instagram ( you may have seen some of this already. 

One of my must haves is a fiery cracker of a maki roll. This is found at yumi in Taj Samudra. 

I will share what I wrote on my instagram post:

“{For all those asking me about sushi in Lanka}

Little over a year ago, on my birthday my husband introduced me to one EPIC maki roll. A long overdue craving satisfied again this year and I must share with all of you. Go to this location and order the ‘chefs special volcano Maki’ (and whatever else you may fancy) and the sushi lover in you will be grateful πŸ˜‰”

It seriously is one heck of a maki roll and must have if you live or travel to Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

One new place my husband introduced me to this trip is Lagoon at Cinnamon Grand. Now this is for the seafood lover, the experience is something. Why? Because as you enter you will be greeted with a variety of fresh seafood. Fresh that day and you can have your pick. From any crab and prawns to lobster and variety of fish. The experience is different because you don’t just order from a set menu. Together with your waiter you order your choice of seafood, how many grams and how you want it. 

I left the order up to hubby, obviously he has been there and was familiar with it all. And my oh my. We started of with baked crab. And it was creamiest, yet generously filled with crab meat..oh my mouth is watering already.. it was the deal

We then went over to mains where we had garlic rice, Thai red fish curry, hot buttered cuttlefish and kankun. I think I went in to a deep food coma after this. 

If I was to pick one from the mains as top contender it would have to be the Thai red fish curry…and with the garlic rice..mmm🀀. I am a big Thai food lover! But I swear nothing comes close to Thai food in Lanka. Other than maybe obviously in Thailand. I kept telling my husband how I actually felt like I had forgotten how good Thai food can actually be!! The spices and flavors are so fresh and vibrant. 

Thanks to my husband I now have two places I must go to for Thai food in Sri Lanka πŸ’•

This is where I would have to end this food post for now. So much food and so little time πŸ˜‹

Back again

Salaams everyone!

Hubby and I just got back from another trip to Sri Lanka. Another short and sweet trip packed with weddings, family and food πŸ˜…

This time it was hubbys friends and cousinbrother getting married..not to each other that is for anyone unsure. 

Two beautiful weddings and a few extra kilos later we are back home and back to the grind. But it is good to be back allhamdulillah. 

More to come, so stay tuned. Follow me on instagram for more on the spot updates. 

French toast haven

For most people French toast is not a big deal, nor something one really thinks about. Sometimes a good breakfast craving and that’s about it. 

So when someone tells you there is a place for French toast that is a must have. That you just got to try it, it is out of this world. What do you think? My thoughts were along the line of “meeh, sure, let’s try it some time”

Knowing my husband and his sense for food though, I should have known better. But who can blame me? After all it was just French toast…

My husband even mentioned this to me long before we moved in together. Along with many more places and foods to try together. I will have to get into all that in different posts. Can’t deny it is pretty amazing and adventurous with a husband that knows his likes and ways…that just happens to be the same as mine πŸ˜‰

Let’s get back on topic: french toast. 

I have kind of postponed posting about it as it is kind of a hidden little gem. You can barely find it on the menu. At the same time whenever we get visitors that is one of the places we just have to take them to. Each and everyone of them just as surprised over a french toast and its capabilities. 

We introduce to you Pauls French toast

No matter how many pictures or from whichever angle it just does not do the dish any justice w h a t s o e v e r. 

You just have to step into Paul’s, order and try it yourself. 

As soon as you bite into it it just melts in your mouth. Every ingredient has got its ratio on point – together with the drizzled caramel and vanilla ice cream 🀀

I can’t help myself, its like an addiction… a must have… just as hubby told. He knows his food – no doubt. 

To find this on the menu it is hidden in a little black box in the corner of the page under the name of “Notre Pain Perdu”. 

You can thank us later πŸ˜œπŸ’™

When nature copies your style..

I did not realize until after we took the picture that my pants totally matches the bush behind me. Random. 

These are some of my most comfy pants and I have had them for some time now. They are wide, yet look stylish..yet feel like PJs.. it’s the best from all worlds πŸ˜†

Ootd for yah. But Dubai heat ain’t the most comfyest weather to be taking outfit pictures.. thank you to my hubby for tolerating all this for me, always ready and with a smile to help me take outfit pictures or anything else I may want to captureπŸ’•

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Beach side feels

One thing I love about Sri Lanka are the beautiful beaches. They bring a sense of peace and tranquility, something that is much needed on a busy vacation to Sri Lanka.

This year we took a family trip out of Colombo to relax and spend time together. This was with my mothers side of the family. As most her siblings and their families live in all parts of the world we don’t get to meet that often. When we do for the most part it is for weddings..and they tend to be a busy time. 

For me and my husband too it was a good break from the otherwise super busy schedule. While the family was to stay two nights our plan was one night cause we had to get back to Colombo to get all the things done. Unfortunately I happened to get food poisoning the very next morning and was basically stuck in bed that whole day and night. But allhamdulillah, all better and everything for a reason 😊

We enjoyed spending time with the family Allhamdulillah. First, second and third generation. I think we spent most our time with third generation though, had so much fun the little ones πŸ’•

I do need to show you the most beautiful sunset. Subhanallah so breathtaking 😍

Uni Days vs Work Life

Salaams everyone,

You know when you sometimes scroll through your camera roll and it takes you back to all sorts of moments and memories? The other day I came across this video I had taken while I was living in Southampton (you can check it out on my instagram

Boy oh boy did that take me back to my unidays. I can’t believe how fast time flies, because that video made me feel like it was taken just some months ago. While the fact of the matter is that was taken back in 2012!!

The years at uni were without a doubt some of the most fun times. I always say to people currently studying: enjoy it! Soak it in and enjoy your days. Cause this time won’t come back.
Only if you have graduated and currently working will you understand what that means.
It may sound strange, but compared to the working life your time at uni is pretty carefree and indulgent.

Why you ask?

Well, it is not that uni is easy with all its deadlines and exams – one after the other – one on top of the other. No, trust me, that is hard and the pressure feels immense.
The difference however comes down to the pressure during uni is all on you. You kind of control your own destiny. By that I mean, if you fail you fail, if you succeed you succeed mashallah. Whatever happens no one else is really afflicted by it, does not change or do much for anyone else out there. While when you are in the work force people are depending on you, your company depends on you. What you do and achieve means a lot to everyone around you. You fail means your team fails, your company fails. You succeed means your team succeeds and your company wins. For many that could also mean I keep my job or I loose my job, what is my next move? Get what I mean?!
The pressure is so different that it really makes uni feel like a breeze (which obviously at the time I never felt). You get a lot more mentally exhausted.

The other bonus about uni is for the most part you control your own schedule. Now for some that is not good, and for others that is amazing. This also means you have to discipline yourself. But other than a few lectures here and there you control your time. As long as you get it done by deadline and have done your best and/or prepped your best – you good. Wether you work best at night or early mornings, with your friends or alone, at the library, cafe or at home. Thats your choice. After some years at uni with this flexible schedule, it can be hard to adjust to the 9-5 life, monday to friday..

Uni also means for many the true start to adulthood, taking responsibility and being in charge of your life. Taking charge and finding your way in life.

Don’t get me wrong though about working life, every month when that paycheck comes it does feel good. And everytime you succeed it feels twice as good.
The best part about working life is always trying to improve yourself and the people you work with. Always strive for the better and breaking ground. That feeling when you and your company succeeds is pretty darn good. And let’s face it, you will always want to work towards a possible higher paycheck.

Let me know your thoughts, wether you study, work or anything in between, I am curious on your thoughts.

Birthday Girl

Salaams everyone!

So lucky me turned a year older yesterday, yay! But it’s only a number … mentally my age could be at times more disturbing.

Anyways, put aside me and let’s bring my husband in focus. Because my oh my am I a lucky girl or what. Yesterday I was in for a whirlwind of surprises, almost literally too.

My husband being the amazing man that he is started of the day by saying no work today and surprising me with the most beautiful flowers, balloons and cake😍 Yes, as if he does not already melt my heart it just went into a big puddle of love-goo ❀️

Aren’t those just the most bright and beautiful flowers?! 😍❀️

Oh, and guys, he did not stop there..

I got the message to start getting ready, we had to be at a certain location by a set time. Also to be ready to take a lot of pictures. My mind started to race thinking what could this be?! I honestly had no idea and would have never guessed what was in store for me.

So a little while later we arrived at this location and I see my husband holding papers that say “HeliDubai”

O – M – G! We were going on a helicopter ride to see Dubai from above 😡😍 Something I have really wanted to do, but never thought it would happen this soon.

It was seriously one of the most amazing and breathtaking views ever and what an experience allhamdulillah.

I will share some picture, but tbh the pictures do not do any justice to the beauty seen from above mashallah.

So breathtaking! And to see the palm from above and with your own eyes.

A m a z i n g !

If you come to Dubai and you get the chance I would for sure recommend it. Something to see with your own eyes and HeliDubai was a top notch choice for it. Crew were on top of everything and really put safety and security on the frontline with all passengers. Our pilot was so much fun too. Friendly man with humor and made sure you saw everything.

Thank you hubby! You spoil me way beyond and I don’t know what I do to deserve such treatment ❀️

Wedding Outfits

Weddings are always the perfect excuse for dressing up a little more than you would another function. And for me I finally had another opportunity to wear some of the beautiful kits I got during my wedding time.

For anyone with same/similar background as me know that as a bride you are blessed with some of the most stunning gifts from your husband and in laws. And your own family will also make sure you are set and stone from head to toe with anything a new bride could need. Allhamdulillah.

I grabbed this opportunity to get more wear out of them. Pulled my always ready niece to take some outfit pictures and have some good old picture fun.

For the waleema I wore this beautiful royal blue kit from India that my husband got for me πŸ’™

Thank you to my amazing hubby and niece, ever ready for my picture madeness πŸ’•