Birthday Girl

Salaams everyone!

So lucky me turned a year older yesterday, yay! But it’s only a number … mentally my age could be at times more disturbing.

Anyways, put aside me and let’s bring my husband in focus. Because my oh my am I a lucky girl or what. Yesterday I was in for a whirlwind of surprises, almost literally too.

My husband being the amazing man that he is started of the day by saying no work today and surprising me with the most beautiful flowers, balloons and cake😍 Yes, as if he does not already melt my heart it just went into a big puddle of love-goo ❤️

Aren’t those just the most bright and beautiful flowers?! 😍❤️

Oh, and guys, he did not stop there..

I got the message to start getting ready, we had to be at a certain location by a set time. Also to be ready to take a lot of pictures. My mind started to race thinking what could this be?! I honestly had no idea and would have never guessed what was in store for me.

So a little while later we arrived at this location and I see my husband holding papers that say “HeliDubai”

O – M – G! We were going on a helicopter ride to see Dubai from above 😵😍 Something I have really wanted to do, but never thought it would happen this soon.

It was seriously one of the most amazing and breathtaking views ever and what an experience allhamdulillah.

I will share some picture, but tbh the pictures do not do any justice to the beauty seen from above mashallah.

So breathtaking! And to see the palm from above and with your own eyes.

A m a z i n g !

If you come to Dubai and you get the chance I would for sure recommend it. Something to see with your own eyes and HeliDubai was a top notch choice for it. Crew were on top of everything and really put safety and security on the frontline with all passengers. Our pilot was so much fun too. Friendly man with humor and made sure you saw everything.

Thank you hubby! You spoil me way beyond and I don’t know what I do to deserve such treatment ❤️


Our main purpose for this visit to Sri Lanka was to attend my cousins sisters daugthers wedding. Can you believe it..third generation is now getting married?!? 😱 I feel old…although there is like..what..2-3 years difference between me and my cousin sisters daugther 😅


The long awaited day(s) arrived. It truly was a beautiful celebration of two people uniting, starting a new chapter in life. Allhamdulillah.

One question I got asked a lot on these days was how do I feel/how is it for me now when just one year back it was me getting married.

The memories are indeed still fresh and was brought even more to life these days. You can’t help but smile and be overcome by joy watching as another person, and someone you kind of grew up with, going through the exact same emotions of love, excitement and happiness for what’s to happen and what the future holds. May Allah protect and preserve their love and unity.

She made a beautiful bride mashallah and I wish her all the best for the future together with her husband.

Post “Vacation”

Why the “” you ask?

The meaning of vacation is to take a break, possibly travel and relax.

Our vacation this year is Sri Lanka. And for anyone that has roots in Sri Lanka, but don’t live there know that… that visit is not usually anything relaxing.

Don’t get me wrong, our trip to Sri Lanka was super fun and spent good quality time with close and extended family allhamdulillah. But we did also come home slightly bit more exhausted than when we left

For my husband and me this was our first trip back to Sri Lanka after our wedding. And due to work and other reasons we could only stay a week in Sri as you might have guessed our trip was pretty packed. Oh, and with my typical Lanka luck I also had to fall sick 😅

Lets put that aside, we got to see family and friends again, attend weddings, go on a mini family trip, laugh and create memories. Allhamdulillah. And I will update more on that another day in sha Allah. For now let me share a few pictures with you. 

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Bonjour Everyone!

This is actually from some weeks ago. My husband and I decided to take a road trip and drive to Abu Dhabi. My husband having bad experiences in the past with me and long car rides was not sure about this. No, not that I get car sick or anything close to that.. on the contraire.. I tend to get a little snoozy on long rides… ok.. I get very snoozy. Something about any moving vehicle makes me sleepy and I can sleep like a baby. I know I am not alone on this, or what do you say?

After having experienced my snoozy car life I was on a mission to prove him wrong.
Anyways I do love a good road trip, put on some good music and have a good laugh and chat! Always fun, and in my defence hubby, you know that your past experience with me could not count ;-D thihi


The difference from Dubai to Abu Dhabi – city to dessert – skyscrapers to palm. And all along the one and same Sheikh Zayed road.

As it is Abu Dhabi, one can’t drive all that way and not drop by the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Unless you live there or travel that way very often. If you have not visited this beauty I do recommend you do.

Click on the images to enlarge

It turned out to be a short trip cause of some other commitments, but it was a good drive and visit to Abu Dhabi. And I proved my hubby wrong, I can go for car rides without falling asleep *score* 😀

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