Salaams everyone,

Have you guys seen all the hype around the black ice cream? It has been popping up all over social media and the hype is real.

Now the hype is ice cream made of charcoal. But I had the pleasure of trying an Oreo version of black ice cream. If I am not mistaken that is usually a mix of charcoal and Oreo. Charcoal for colour and Oreo for flavor.

It was delicious. So smooth and creamy! You know how sometimes when you have something Oreo flavored you can get the grittyness of the cookies. This was not like that. Super smooth and creamy. I would definitely recommend to check it out. I got mine from black cab coffee (sister company to my much loved depresso coffee). They have pop up stalls all over Dubai inc La Met and CityWalk.

Could not help myself, it was so delicious! 💁🏽‍♀️



Sometimes we can all treat ourselves to a little something, specially after some long and tiring days. 

One go to is some soft serve ice cream from Godiva. 

A pampered mouthwatering feeling. Honestly speaking this ice cream is not a must have what so ever – just pure indulgence. Something we all deserve every now and then. 

My go to is the duo – a combo of vanilla and dark chocolate. You can also have single flavor, whichever you prefer. The dark chocolate is super rich, so for me personally I need the mix of two. A balance. 
Now it is back to work and routine for another couple days. Have a good one! 💕

H A L L O W E E N overload

Hey guys!

Hope you are all keeping well ☺️

Been a while since I last posted something. Things has got super hectic and focus just had to be elsewhere. 

We did however manage to try out the famous BostonLand cafe here in Dubai last weekend.

Super cute and hip place. I will be honest though the Halloween was a bit too much. Not just for anything, this cafe got a lot going on already..and the Halloween decor just made it look like a bit of a mess if I am going to be honest. 

Get what I mean? And this was just one side (the calmer side) of the cafe. 

And the food was “meh”. Very average and way too pricey. I had the famous tuna melt and hubby had the garlic and cheese melt – we could not get any garlic not sure if they forgot that in our sandwich or not. The tuna melt was good, but nothing I got vowed about and not one of those “if ever I want tuna sandwich this is the place”

The coffee was decent, again very average – but also nothing to complain about. It was better than the rest of the order at least 💁🏽

The one time the Halloween decor worked to my favour. 

However, I must share – the location on the outside was absolutely stunning. And in these winter days beautiful and relaxing to sit outside and enjoy. 

I am glad we tried BostonLane, not a bad place. But I did expect a bit more for the hype it had got. And we wont be rushing back any time soon. 

The Acai Spot

Just have to share this place with you all as this very quickly has become a favourite spot for us. Located in Port Saeed, Deira you will find this beautiful spot by the name The Acai Spot. 

If you are a health food/superfood lover, or you like keeping up with trends and/or exploring different places – this is one for you. 

The location is so soo pretty as you can see. So relaxed and chilled, yet vibrant and colourful. I have fallen in love😍

Let’s not forget the food! Super simple and super Yum! I apologize for my lack in words to describe, but honestly you just have to try it for yourself. 

I love that I can come out from this place feeling content and satisfied without any guilt. 

(Yes, even the croissant is wholewheat).

(The loved one with extra date toppings)

The flavours are just so pure and hit all the right tastebuds. 

On the picture you will see «the loved one» which is an acai Fruit mix (one of their best sellers – and for good reason) with extra date topping, the croissant sandwich and «the peach & ginger ice tea».

All of it we recommend, pluss some. The whole menu calls out to you. 

Wether you live in Dubai or happen to visit Dubai I do recommend you check this place out 👌🏽

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Away, but not away

Salaams my loves! Hope you are all keeping well. 

We are already at a new week, why does time fly like this?!

This weekend was meant to chill and we spontaniously decided to spend a night away from our apartment and normal daily surroundings. But at the same time we did not want to go too far or anywhere that required too much driving…as that would just make us more tired. 

Something about working life/adulthood means weekends are meant for relaxing. Anyone remember those days where weekend meant «Let’s go out and do something»/run around/party and what not?!😂 #WorkingLife

We landed at Sheraton Dubai Creek. Though hubby was still caught up with work it truly was nice to spend it a hotel where no cleaning is required and we wake up to one of the most beautiful views. 

So pretty mashallah 😍

We took an evening stroll along Dubai Creek, had lovely Italian food at Oregano (one of our staple Italian go to places). However, a small side note: avoid ordering the smoked aubergine ravioli..yes, even if you love aubergine like me. I know it is a love or leave it type of veggie. And for me I love it, have never had a bad experience with it e-v-e-r. But this one was not good.. other than that we love the food at this place and keep going back.

In addition we had their cheesy garlicbread (A+), the tuna in pesto gnocchi (A++).

The bread on the side is complimentary with the order and generally speaking has always been good and somewhat filled us up before dinner has arrived. So be aware of that 😜

It has been an amazing an beautiful weekend. Though it was just a small drive from home it honestly felt like a mini vacation and the weekend flew by a lot sooner than we would like. Allhamdulillah though, not complaining what-so-ever!

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Take care everyone 💕

Brunching on a Thursday 

This weekend is a long weekend here in Dubai because of the new year in the Islamic calendar. 

This means we get to brunch on a day that otherwise would have gone to getting soaked in work. 

Where do we go you ask? Eggspectation of course! Without a doubt one of the best places for breakfast or lunch…or in our case brunch. And if you have been there you know why. Most people did seem to have the same idea as us too, in other words we had to wait for about half an hour to get a seat…which we of course did. 

We have been here before and every time we like to try something new. 

We started of with smoked salmon crostini

Smoked salmon to me is like having a touch of Norway. Love me some smoked salmon and these did not disappoint. The crostini were just perfectly toasted, not too crusty and not mushy bread. The cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers complimented each other just right. 

Further on we tried their “fried chicken and waffles”. We had actually been curious on this for some time. I am very new to having savory waffles, so this was an interesting try that actually worked. 

Again like the bread, these waffles were just rightly crispy on the outside – soft and fluffy on the inside. The fried chicken and maple syrup worked well together with the waffles..all to my pleasant surprise. The cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves added just the right amount and flavor of freshness needed to finish off this dish. 

For dessert we went for another curious craving or ours: s’mores French toast. Basically French toast filled with marshmallow and Nutella. 

It was good and I am glad we tried it. But would we go back and order it again? No, don’t think so. The Nutella will always work, but the marshmallow fluff used did not compliment the dish..much to my disappointment. The French toast was a-ok, neither something to brag about nor complain. 

For us our all time French toast is from Paul’s. There just does not seem to come anything close to that. Read the post to get to know more about that. 

What is your ideal brunch food?

PS! Thank you for all the likes on the previous post. I will for sure include more beauty in my future posts in sha Allah 🤗

Food must haves in Lanka

This post is dedicated to all foodies. Lanka has a lot of food gems and for each time I go I learn about more places. My husband has introduced me to places I now feel I can’t leave Lanka without going there. 

Allow me to share some of them with you. If you follow me on instagram ( you may have seen some of this already. 

One of my must haves is a fiery cracker of a maki roll. This is found at yumi in Taj Samudra. 

I will share what I wrote on my instagram post:

“{For all those asking me about sushi in Lanka}

Little over a year ago, on my birthday my husband introduced me to one EPIC maki roll. A long overdue craving satisfied again this year and I must share with all of you. Go to this location and order the ‘chefs special volcano Maki’ (and whatever else you may fancy) and the sushi lover in you will be grateful 😉”

It seriously is one heck of a maki roll and must have if you live or travel to Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

One new place my husband introduced me to this trip is Lagoon at Cinnamon Grand. Now this is for the seafood lover, the experience is something. Why? Because as you enter you will be greeted with a variety of fresh seafood. Fresh that day and you can have your pick. From any crab and prawns to lobster and variety of fish. The experience is different because you don’t just order from a set menu. Together with your waiter you order your choice of seafood, how many grams and how you want it. 

I left the order up to hubby, obviously he has been there and was familiar with it all. And my oh my. We started of with baked crab. And it was creamiest, yet generously filled with crab meat..oh my mouth is watering already.. it was the deal

We then went over to mains where we had garlic rice, Thai red fish curry, hot buttered cuttlefish and kankun. I think I went in to a deep food coma after this. 

If I was to pick one from the mains as top contender it would have to be the Thai red fish curry…and with the garlic rice..mmm🤤. I am a big Thai food lover! But I swear nothing comes close to Thai food in Lanka. Other than maybe obviously in Thailand. I kept telling my husband how I actually felt like I had forgotten how good Thai food can actually be!! The spices and flavors are so fresh and vibrant. 

Thanks to my husband I now have two places I must go to for Thai food in Sri Lanka 💕

This is where I would have to end this food post for now. So much food and so little time 😋

French toast haven

For most people French toast is not a big deal, nor something one really thinks about. Sometimes a good breakfast craving and that’s about it. 

So when someone tells you there is a place for French toast that is a must have. That you just got to try it, it is out of this world. What do you think? My thoughts were along the line of “meeh, sure, let’s try it some time”

Knowing my husband and his sense for food though, I should have known better. But who can blame me? After all it was just French toast…

My husband even mentioned this to me long before we moved in together. Along with many more places and foods to try together. I will have to get into all that in different posts. Can’t deny it is pretty amazing and adventurous with a husband that knows his likes and ways…that just happens to be the same as mine 😉

Let’s get back on topic: french toast. 

I have kind of postponed posting about it as it is kind of a hidden little gem. You can barely find it on the menu. At the same time whenever we get visitors that is one of the places we just have to take them to. Each and everyone of them just as surprised over a french toast and its capabilities. 

We introduce to you Pauls French toast

No matter how many pictures or from whichever angle it just does not do the dish any justice w h a t s o e v e r. 

You just have to step into Paul’s, order and try it yourself. 

As soon as you bite into it it just melts in your mouth. Every ingredient has got its ratio on point – together with the drizzled caramel and vanilla ice cream 🤤

I can’t help myself, its like an addiction… a must have… just as hubby told. He knows his food – no doubt. 

To find this on the menu it is hidden in a little black box in the corner of the page under the name of “Notre Pain Perdu”. 

You can thank us later 😜💙


I wrote this draft back in October, but forgot to share it. Hope you enjoy the read. 


There are times, times that need no reason or explanation.. times where you just crave some pure comfort food. Dip your head in a bowl full of food and eat. So thats what I literally did.

As hubby was working late I took a cab out to meet him when he was done. Tired as he must have been – he still took me out for dinner.
Both our tummies were feeling for Asian food and the choice landed on Wagamama.
Fun fact, never been here either.. though it is wordy known and I don’t know how many times I must have passed this place living in UK.


My choice of food landed on Duck ramen. Living in UAE one of many great things is the fact that I need not worry or go hunting for halal food. Seriously, might not be a big deal for many.. but if you lived where I did this is BIG! 😀
So I indulged in some duck ramen. Mind you this bowl is super huge.. most people sharing one bowl like this. yeah, not me.. shared a spoonful or two with hubby and the rest .. I don’t know how.. it just disappeared my tummy.. don’t ask me how.

This just hit the spot of comfort. Thank you hubby!




I need to tell you about this place, this place that will take you to slider heaven.

Be warned though, you have to wait..for some time…before you can actually bite into it. By that I mean you can’t book a table ahead of time and you can’t just walk in and order.

I introduce to you Slider Station located in Al Safa, Dubai. 4.0 rating on Zomato.
To be honest I had not really heard of the place before, my husband however had heard all the good raves. So lucky me, got to join him for this first bite.

We got to know the wait would be 45 min, for some this could be long – for me I thought it did not sound too bad and we could stroll around the tiny mall.
By tiny, I really mean tiny.. did not realize how tiny until it had gone 5 min and we had walked through the mall.

Did not have high expectations to the place as I had not heard much, all I know is my hubby knows some really d**n good places to eat. Though for him too, this was a place he had not tried.

We learned quickly that 45 min can turn into 1 hour and then 1.5 hours.
For each min wondering if this place would really be worth the wait and worth the hype. Atleast if anything we had built a really good appetite walking around this mall about a 101 times.

Mind you, we went to Slider Station in the weekend and at peek hours. Obviously that has something to say on timing and waitingline

When you finally get in the atmosphere is really nice, a bit loud music, but other than that great atmosphere and service.
We did not waste more time and got straight to ordering: the famous dangerous slider, a seafood slider (sorry, can’t remember the name) and some cheesy jalapeño fries.


The first one being the famous dangerous slider: guys, now this is where we get down to it being worth the wait. Yes, we both agreed it totally was worth 1.5 hours of waiting and would love to go back for second, thirds and maybe more (A)
Red spicy flavor bun, some amazing unique flavor to this bun in combination with the soft succulent, yet crispy chicken patty. No wonder this is their most famous, maybe next time we would try the “burger-version” of it.

Second one is the seafood flavor. I will say this: it has a really strong seafood flavor. Depending on your fancy for seafood you will like it or not, cause the bun is infused with it. I really enjoyed it cause I enjoy seafood of this sort. However I would say this one is not worth the 1.5 hours of waiting, but if you first are in and ordering you may as well order it to try it… again, if you like seafood that is. Would not necessarily go back for this one.

Did not capture a picture of the fries as the phone just would not do justice to it. The cheesy fries were not typical of cheddar cheese covered fries you find at most places. This was something and the perfect addition to the sliders. Cheesy, spicy fried junk perfect for anyones sense of taste.

And since we made the complete order before eating we included desert.
Tip of the day: order desert after eating mains.. depending on your tummy space. Yet, of course, we still ate it like no one served us anything earlier.


We actually wanted to order their lotus dessert, but lotus being as popular as it is in UAE they were all out of it. So we went for this red velvet lava cake with vanilla ice cream.

It was good, really good. BUT I would not call it red velvet lava cake. Cause it was only covered in red, but the cake itself was chocolate. If we ordered a chocolate lava cake I would give this two thumbs up. But I was expecting red velvet and because of that a little let down.

Over all, we would not mind a trip back to Slider station just for the fiery red slider – might go up one notch and order the burger version with a side of cheesy fries. And hopefully they won’t be out of the lotus dessert.

Yikes! Turned out to be a long post on food, and food from one place. hmm, did not see that coming when I started writing, but here we go 😀

Hope you enjoyed the post!

  • Nukki