When nature copies your style..

Or could it be the other way around? πŸ€”

Haha, not a serious question..in case you did not get that already. 

I did not realize until after we took the picture that my pants totally matches the bush behind me. Random. 

These are some of my most comfy pants and I have had them for some time now. They are wide, yet look stylish..yet feel like PJs.. it’s the best from all worlds πŸ˜†

Ootd for yah. But Dubai heat ain’t the most comfyest weather to be taking outfit pictures.. thank you to my hubby for tolerating all this for me, always ready and with a smile to help me take outfit pictures or anything else I may want to captureπŸ’•

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Wedding Outfits

Weddings are always the perfect excuse for dressing up a little more than you would another function. And for me I finally had another opportunity to wear some of the beautiful kits I got during my wedding time.

For anyone with same/similar background as me know that as a bride you are blessed with some of the most stunning gifts from your husband and in laws. And your own family will also make sure you are set and stone from head to toe with anything a new bride could need. Allhamdulillah.

I grabbed this opportunity to get more wear out of them. Pulled my always ready niece to take some outfit pictures and have some good old picture fun.

For the waleema I wore this beautiful royal blue kit from India that my husband got for me πŸ’™

Thank you to my amazing hubby and niece, ever ready for my picture madeness πŸ’•