The Ordinary – EyeSerum Review

Remember the haul I did a little while back on some Ordinary products?

I have been testing the products for some time and the eye serum every day since it arrived in the mail.

Most of you might have heard about the Ordinary products. A brief summary on them:
Extremely reasonably priced skincare products that are based around essential ingredients you might need for your type of skin. That is both good and bad in one. If you know what the different ingredients target this is super ideal for you and you can build your own skincare. If not it can be highly confusing to know what to get.

For this reason is why I started of with what I felt was most easy to understand: the foundations and EyeSerum.

I will get back to the foundations a little later, but for now on to this caffeine solution:

“Reduces appearance of eye contour pigmentation and puffiness”

It comes with a droplet and you need only the tiniest amount.
I use this every morning and night and I must say I am very impressed.


Being so cheap, yet so hyped I was not sure what to expect from the brand. But I must say it does stick to its claims. It does reduce the puffiness and pigmentation more than I expected. Obviously it won’t make them disappear completely and does not claim that either.
More than having issues with pigmentation, I am loving the result of less puffiness. Pigmentation one can always conceal, though I am not complaining to not need heavy concealer all the time. But the puffiness used to get on my nerves. It would never really be anything anyone else noticed, but I always saw it. So I am very happy to see less of it allhamdulillah.


Now if you have fine lines in the under eye area, do not expect anything here. Tbh, for some reason I was expecting some results there, but then read the claims again and see it does not claim to do anything for that.. so technically speaking I had no reason to get disappointed. So just a heads up if thats your main issue and what you look for in an eye serum this is not for you.
However, if pigmentation and puffiness is something I do recommend it.
Be aware, it does feel a little dry and tightening when you use it the first couple of times before you get used to it. This was not a massive issue for me and after about a week I barely noticed it. The tightening just helps me feel and look more awake, guess that is the caffeine working.

You can find this eye serum on cult beauty.

Have you tried this or any of the other Ordinary products?


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