Chasing the sun

Good morning everyone!Hope you all are having a good weekend in sha allah. 

Wanted to share a beautiful little spontaneous roadtrip my husband and I took Friday morning. 

We wanted to catch the sunrise from the mountains of UAE and what better time than on a beautiful weekend. We left right after fajr prayers and set our way to the mountains. Unfortunately we came to realize that would be a little late to actually see the sunrise from the mountains. None the less we enjoyed a little drive and beautiful viewing of the sunrise while driving.

Subhanallah, truly a beautiful sight!

And the mountains here are so different from what I am used to in Norway. The look and feel is very unique, either country in each is own way. 

Jabal Jais is the mountain you can see we are heading towards, and from the top is another magnificent and beautiful view. 

With us we had some homemade sandwiches and delicious ginger tea. Sat there and enjoyed the moment as we zoned out for just a tiny bit. 

If you come to UAE I do recommend a drive to the mountains. It is such a calming experience and beautiful sight. 

Hopefully next time we do catch the sunrise from the top in sha Allah. 

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Brunching on a ThursdayΒ 

This weekend is a long weekend here in Dubai because of the new year in the Islamic calendar. 

This means we get to brunch on a day that otherwise would have gone to getting soaked in work. 

Where do we go you ask? Eggspectation of course! Without a doubt one of the best places for breakfast or lunch…or in our case brunch. And if you have been there you know why. Most people did seem to have the same idea as us too, in other words we had to wait for about half an hour to get a seat…which we of course did. 

We have been here before and every time we like to try something new. 

We started of with smoked salmon crostini

Smoked salmon to me is like having a touch of Norway. Love me some smoked salmon and these did not disappoint. The crostini were just perfectly toasted, not too crusty and not mushy bread. The cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers complimented each other just right. 

Further on we tried their “fried chicken and waffles”. We had actually been curious on this for some time. I am very new to having savory waffles, so this was an interesting try that actually worked. 

Again like the bread, these waffles were just rightly crispy on the outside – soft and fluffy on the inside. The fried chicken and maple syrup worked well together with the waffles..all to my pleasant surprise. The cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves added just the right amount and flavor of freshness needed to finish off this dish. 

For dessert we went for another curious craving or ours: s’mores French toast. Basically French toast filled with marshmallow and Nutella. 

It was good and I am glad we tried it. But would we go back and order it again? No, don’t think so. The Nutella will always work, but the marshmallow fluff used did not compliment the dish..much to my disappointment. The French toast was a-ok, neither something to brag about nor complain. 

For us our all time French toast is from Paul’s. There just does not seem to come anything close to that. Read the post to get to know more about that. 

What is your ideal brunch food?

PS! Thank you for all the likes on the previous post. I will for sure include more beauty in my future posts in sha Allah πŸ€—

These are a few of my favourite things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things

Thats the song that came to mind with this picture…

I am currently in the midst of reading this book, actually got very into it..but with busy days it is taking me some time to finish it. 

It’s about a mother that lost her child short time after giving birth. About 8 years later she gets to know that her child might still be alive…

TBH, was not expecting much from this book, but I am hooked. Hoping to finish it soon in sha Allah. 

Btw. In this Dubai heat these liquid lipsticks are a saviour!! I am way too scared to be carrying around my other lipsticks with the fear that they might handbag would be ruined and an expensive lipstick gone to waste.. not something I want. Anyone else feel the same?! Therefor these are the ones I like to carry for a day/night out. These are from MAC, not the best lasting power..but for now serves its purpose and I just have to re-apply every now and then.  However, feels super smooth on the πŸ‘„. 
Back in Norway I used to have a beauty blog. I shared my recommendations, likes/dislikes, looks and what not. I am thinking to incorporate some of that into this blog…not sure.. any opinions, feel free to share πŸ˜‰

Wedding bonanza

After all…this is the season for getting married. 

This time around it was my hubbys cousin brother. 

When it is a family wedding one knows not to plan anything the days before and the days right after…because unlike the “most common” weddings it does not just last one day. There are dinners and festivities happening the before and after. 

The day we arrived was the day of the mehendi. A fun evening just for us gals. Bright colours, music, chit chats and lets not forget the food…we are asians after all😜

This was the first time I attended a Nikah in SL held at the mosque. Usually in SL only the men go to the mosque for the nikah, or it is held in a big hall for both men and women.

For those un-aware of what Nikah is, that would be the registration of the marriage. I can’t deny that this brought back many beautiful memories from our nikah. Such a beautiful thing to hear and witness two hearts become one allhamdulillah. 

As said in the Quran: “we created you in pairs”

In the evening of that very same day there was a dinner held for both the families that just united their son/daughter. 

This was taken just outside the mosque. 

Just had to take one at the throne for old times sake 😝

After the Nikah is the waleema. This is where we celebrate the couple. The now mr & mrs.

Such a beautiful throne and cake mashallah 😍

Wedding outfits

This time around I wanted to wear saree and did that for both the weddings we attended.

For the first wedding I got the opportunity again to wear some of the beautiful garments I had during my own wedding time. And they still fit Allhamdulillah, even the saree πŸ˜… Hehe, did not expect that tbh. But Allhamdulillah, no adjustment needed which was good as there was no time for that after our arrival. 

Outfit worn at the mosque where the Nikah was performed. Location of this picture was taken somewhere else. Lol. This was taken at the Mount Lavinia hotel (had to pick up my outfit at the dry cleaners for the nikah dinner πŸ˜…)

Speaking of is where I got to wear my mehendi outfit. Unfortunatly I did not take an outfit picture from this dinner. But I have one to share from the mehendi itself. 

For the Nikah I carried the shawl in a simpler style over the shoulders. A bit more classic and not so bridal. 

Excuse the location, this was post nikah fun at carnival ice cream. 

For the waleema I got the chance to wear one of my virindu (post wedding dinner) outfits. A beautiful Saree gifted by my mother in law. For those that remember the virindu I wore it in a slightly different style. For this waleema I went a classic. 

The last and final wedding outfit was also a saree. Not one I had worn before. 

I just love how elegant a saree can make you look and feel. Not the most easiest thing to wear and a bit of a task to drape it and remove it. That could also be because I am a bit picky on the draping of a saree mind you πŸ˜…

But do try to have your washroom needs out of the way before you drape it on. 

Either way I just love a good saree drape. Pure elegance wrapped in a long piece of material. 

Exploring Dubai

Salaams everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful Eid and enjoying your Eid weekend wherever you may be. 

This Eid weekend we decided to do some exploring of Dubai. More specifically we went to the Al Fahidi neighborhood in Bur Dubai. Not any secret place … tbh a very touristy place. But for me this was new..and it was beautiful. 

We started of at this beautiful chilled place called Arabian Tea House. As we were full from a very heavy breakfast we did not get anything to eat and just had some tea. But we will for sure come back for some of that delicious looking food. 

We had this delicious blossoming tea. Always so fascinating watching this little ball they put in blossom into a flower as the tea starts brewing. 

We explored on after sipping our tea and chatting. 

And my do they have some beautiful cafes, small little boutiques and a lot of amazing art. 

My instagram story as we were browsing through Al Fahidi neighborhood

#MyDubai ❀️