Beach side feels

One thing I love about Sri Lanka are the beautiful beaches. They bring a sense of peace and tranquility, something that is much needed on a busy vacation to Sri Lanka.

This year we took a family trip out of Colombo to relax and spend time together. This was with my mothers side of the family. As most her siblings and their families live in all parts of the world we don’t get to meet that often. When we do for the most part it is for weddings..and they tend to be a busy time. 

For me and my husband too it was a good break from the otherwise super busy schedule. While the family was to stay two nights our plan was one night cause we had to get back to Colombo to get all the things done. Unfortunately I happened to get food poisoning the very next morning and was basically stuck in bed that whole day and night. But allhamdulillah, all better and everything for a reason 😊

We enjoyed spending time with the family Allhamdulillah. First, second and third generation. I think we spent most our time with third generation though, had so much fun the little ones 💕

I do need to show you the most beautiful sunset. Subhanallah so breathtaking 😍


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