Uni Days vs Work Life

Salaams everyone,

You know when you sometimes scroll through your camera roll and it takes you back to all sorts of moments and memories? The other day I came across this video I had taken while I was living in Southampton (you can check it out on my instagram @nuhaa.ma).

Boy oh boy did that take me back to my unidays. I can’t believe how fast time flies, because that video made me feel like it was taken just some months ago. While the fact of the matter is that was taken back in 2012!!

The years at uni were without a doubt some of the most fun times. I always say to people currently studying: enjoy it! Soak it in and enjoy your days. Cause this time won’t come back.
Only if you have graduated and currently working will you understand what that means.
It may sound strange, but compared to the working life your time at uni is pretty carefree and indulgent.

Why you ask?

Well, it is not that uni is easy with all its deadlines and exams – one after the other – one on top of the other. No, trust me, that is hard and the pressure feels immense.
The difference however comes down to the pressure during uni is all on you. You kind of control your own destiny. By that I mean, if you fail you fail, if you succeed you succeed mashallah. Whatever happens no one else is really afflicted by it, does not change or do much for anyone else out there. While when you are in the work force people are depending on you, your company depends on you. What you do and achieve means a lot to everyone around you. You fail means your team fails, your company fails. You succeed means your team succeeds and your company wins. For many that could also mean I keep my job or I loose my job, what is my next move? Get what I mean?!
The pressure is so different that it really makes uni feel like a breeze (which obviously at the time I never felt). You get a lot more mentally exhausted.

The other bonus about uni is for the most part you control your own schedule. Now for some that is not good, and for others that is amazing. This also means you have to discipline yourself. But other than a few lectures here and there you control your time. As long as you get it done by deadline and have done your best and/or prepped your best – you good. Wether you work best at night or early mornings, with your friends or alone, at the library, cafe or at home. Thats your choice. After some years at uni with this flexible schedule, it can be hard to adjust to the 9-5 life, monday to friday..

Uni also means for many the true start to adulthood, taking responsibility and being in charge of your life. Taking charge and finding your way in life.

Don’t get me wrong though about working life, every month when that paycheck comes it does feel good. And everytime you succeed it feels twice as good.
The best part about working life is always trying to improve yourself and the people you work with. Always strive for the better and breaking ground. That feeling when you and your company succeeds is pretty darn good. And let’s face it, you will always want to work towards a possible higher paycheck.

Let me know your thoughts, wether you study, work or anything in between, I am curious on your thoughts.


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