Our main purpose for this visit to Sri Lanka was to attend my cousins sisters daugthers wedding. Can you believe it..third generation is now getting married?!? 😱 I feel old…although there is like..what..2-3 years difference between me and my cousin sisters daugther 😅


The long awaited day(s) arrived. It truly was a beautiful celebration of two people uniting, starting a new chapter in life. Allhamdulillah.

One question I got asked a lot on these days was how do I feel/how is it for me now when just one year back it was me getting married.

The memories are indeed still fresh and was brought even more to life these days. You can’t help but smile and be overcome by joy watching as another person, and someone you kind of grew up with, going through the exact same emotions of love, excitement and happiness for what’s to happen and what the future holds. May Allah protect and preserve their love and unity.

She made a beautiful bride mashallah and I wish her all the best for the future together with her husband.


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