Post “Vacation”

Why the “” you ask?

The meaning of vacation is to take a break, possibly travel and relax.

Our vacation this year is Sri Lanka. And for anyone that has roots in Sri Lanka, but don’t live there know that… that visit is not usually anything relaxing.

Don’t get me wrong, our trip to Sri Lanka was super fun and spent good quality time with close and extended family allhamdulillah. But we did also come home slightly bit more exhausted than when we left

For my husband and me this was our first trip back to Sri Lanka after our wedding. And due to work and other reasons we could only stay a week in Sri as you might have guessed our trip was pretty packed. Oh, and with my typical Lanka luck I also had to fall sick 😅

Lets put that aside, we got to see family and friends again, attend weddings, go on a mini family trip, laugh and create memories. Allhamdulillah. And I will update more on that another day in sha Allah. For now let me share a few pictures with you. 

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