Long time no see

Salams everyone!

Hope you are keeping well. It has been a while since I was able to update you guys.

Now if you follow me on Instagram (@nuhasgram) you will know I have been away. I got the chance to finally visit my best friend studying in Hungary. It had been long time coming Allhamdulillah.

And right after that it was Easter so we took that chance to meet up with my family in UK and boy was that an amazing vacation together too Allhamdulillah.

Might share more on that with you later, but for now here’s a picture from this passed weekend.

Outfit details: Abaya from Podur, handbag from Prada, shoes from Steve Madden and hijab from Sharjah central souk.


ID design 2018 catalogue launch

Salaams everyone!

Hope you are keeping well.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending ID Designs 2018 catalogue launch at Mall of Emirates. It was a beautiful event and I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people.

ID design draws inspiration from Scandinavian design – simplicity and fine lines. I can’t deny that brings a certain pride being from Norway πŸ˜‡

Their new pieces are intended to make your home flourish and bloom.

And they certainly got you covered in that area no matter your style.

Some of my favorite pieces though has to be their decor pieces. They are quirky and they are sleek. I get the combo of being “in bloom” while inspired by Scandinavian design. I wish I could take them all home, but I did get some pictures to share with you.

Check out their new catalogue and latest pieces at one of their showrooms in MOE or Mirdiff city center.

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Salaams everyone,

Have you guys seen all the hype around the black ice cream? It has been popping up all over social media and the hype is real.

Now the hype is ice cream made of charcoal. But I had the pleasure of trying an Oreo version of black ice cream. If I am not mistaken that is usually a mix of charcoal and Oreo. Charcoal for colour and Oreo for flavor.

It was delicious. So smooth and creamy! You know how sometimes when you have something Oreo flavored you can get the grittyness of the cookies. This was not like that. Super smooth and creamy. I would definitely recommend to check it out. I got mine from black cab coffee (sister company to my much loved depresso coffee). They have pop up stalls all over Dubai inc La Met and CityWalk.

Could not help myself, it was so delicious! πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ


Salaams everyone!

I finally got some time to write down my thoughts on the foundations fromΒ The Ordinary.

I got both the serum foundation and the coverage foundation in the shade 3.0 Y.
Now I must say I do hope they extend their shade range for darker complexions as it is not the best, however it is better than many others. What I do like is how they have shades for the different undertones: Pink (P), Red (R), Neutral (N), Yellow (Y).
This is definitely something we need to see a lot more of, specially in the drugstore/high street brands.

The Serum Foundation

As I have dry skin this was the foundation I was most excited to try out.
It has a very thin and light consistency, it is one of those foundations you can hear when you shake the bottle.

As it is a serum foundation I did not expect much coverage and thats what I had heard about it too. I was however surprised on just how light of a coverage it gives, but in a good way. I always use a beautyblender with my foundations which generally does give foundations a lighter and more blended look in my opinion. I did try it with a brush, but was not a fan.
You can build up the coverage, but for me it never went more than a medium-light coverage.

This for me is the perfect everyday foundation, it smooths out the skintone/pigmentation and just gives an overall natural and dewy look. For those days you just need to look awake while running errands.

The Coverage Foundation

This foundation was a pleasant surprise for me. I did not expect too much due to my dry skin, and was therefor a little unsure on how it would work for me.
But this is now a foundation I am truly enjoying. It has a slightly thicker consistency than the serum foundation, but not much. However the coverage is a step up from the serum foundation. Because of the name and from what I had heard I was expecting quite a full coverage foundation, but that I did not get. This foundation is a medium-high coverage for me, a little more buildable than the other.

Because of the difference in coverage between the two I love switching between them depending on how much coverage I need for that particular occasion.
I would call this a work appropriate/lunching out foundation, hoping that makes sense.

I should mention that I always prime my skin before applying makeup, regardless of what foundation/base I use. And I did test both foundations without priming, both foundations did not react well with my dry spots… Serum foundation was slightly better, but still not something I personally would want to see enhanced with a foundation. That might be something to keep in mind if you are someone that does not prime beforehand.

Two more common bonuses from both foundations is:
1. The fact that they have SPF 15. For some this may not be a positive due to possible flashback. I am not someone too exposed to flash photography, so thats not my biggest concern. However I live in a country with high sun exposure. Obviously SPF 15 is not enough and I do use higher SPF in my skincare. But I won’t complain about layered protection in that area.
2. The fact that the packaging is so small and compact. This little bottle contains the same as most liquid foundations (30 ml), but is in a container smaller than half the size of most. It is also very simple and matte. I am not someone to make a big fuss over plastic or glass as each of them has their positives with it. This is in a plastic, but due to the matte finish it has a higher end feel and look to it. Glass always looks and feels more highend, however plastic is more travel friendly. So each to their own there, and comes down to personal preference. If I like a foundation I will take it with me regardless of packaging.

Have you tried the foundations from the ordinary – thoughts?

Also, rumor has it that The Ordinary will be extending their makeup line soon πŸ˜€

Click here to read my review on the EyeSerum.

The Dubai Frame

Salaams everyone!

Yesterday I was finally able to check out the Dubai Frame. If you live in Dubai you know what I am talking about, if not you might be slightly confused.

It is basically this huge landmark they opened this January. It has been in the works for some time and it is so huge you can spot it miles away.

As you can see it is a giant gold frame. The height of the team is between the height of The Eiffel Tower and The Statue of Liberty.

When you go to the top you will be able to clearly see the difference between Old Dubai and New Dubai. And it is a breathtaking sight from each side of the frame, subhanallah.

If you ever visit Dubai you should check out the Dubai Frame. For sure #Recommended.

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Dubai is off to a good start with a whole full day of rain showers.

This takes me back to Norway…where it rains almost every other day. Atleast in the city I am from. I must say though..I do not miss it. However, I am grateful for the rain. In a country as dry as UAE this is much needed, and gives a sort of “fresh breath of air”

Max Factor Eye Studio

Salaams everyone,

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I had the great pleasure of receiving a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster Middle East containing products from the Max Factor Eye Studio Collection.

(From left to right) Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette (03 – Rose Nudes, 02 Golden Nudes), Max Factor Ultrafine Brow Shaper (Deep Brown), Max Factor Colour X-pert Waterproof Eyeliner (Deep Black), Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara (Black), Max Factor Brow Contour Kit.

After testing them all out these past couple of weeks, here’s what I think…

Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palettes
At first glance, like so many others have said, these remind me of the UD Naked palettes. Specifically the original and Naked 3. But are they dupes?
I can’t say for Naked 3 as I don’t own that one. But I do have the original one. I won’t call them dupes shade for shade, but they are definitely in the same spectrum of neutrals. Also, this palette has some olive shades which you don’t find in the UD palette.
To be honest I was not expecting much pigment from these palettes as generally I don’t have the best experience with shadows from the drugstore. But these pleasantly surprised me. Decent pigmentation, where you can create a full eye look and it does not look like you have wasted your time and got nothing on your eyes. Neither are they chalky/patchy in formula. Very smooth and blendable, and you can also really build up the colors and make a more intense eyelook. They are not as pigmented as you might find elsewhere, but not something to knock of your shelves straight away. Specially if you are a bit new to makeup and/or like being safe and build up your color and intensity.

Swatches 02 Golden Nudes

Swatches 03 Rose Nudes

Max Factor X-pert Waterproof Eyeliner
When they say waterproof they are not joking. This eyeliner will not budge once set. I am not the one to usually go for a dipliner as they tend to make a thick liner. I prefer a thin stripe. However, the tip is super fine and just flexible enough to create the thickness you prefer.Β I still do prefer my gel liner over this one though, but if you are one for dipliner or pen liner this might be one to check out.

Max Factor Brow Contour Kit
Now this is a product I am loving big time, and surprisingly not for the reason it is intended for. However, if you do want to use this for your brows it serves its purpose very well. I love the darkest color for an intense and defined brow, while the lighter next to it is a more everyday soft brow filler. And the lightest shade is a perfect brow highlighter. Keep in mind, these shades are super pigmented and buttery. So if not careful and you got my skin color or darker this will show up very white and ashy under the brows. But with a light hand and fluffy brush this gets an A+. But I am more of a pencil user for my brows, they are just quick and easy.
What I do love using this palette for though is as shadows. I kid you not, this is a perfect basic palette to carry around with you and have in your everyday staples. If you ask me, it is better than the UD original naked basics. Last one has a bit more shades, but for me and the types of look I do this one is a lot more useful.
If you like a smokey look, but not always a black smokey eye.. then go for the darkest shade in this one. It is so rich and will intensify any eye look.
The shade next to it is a perfect transition color in the crease for my skin tone. Sometimes I will mix the two in the middle for the crease. And the lightest I do actually use as brow highlight as well as inner corner highlight. For a complete matte eye I will use the lightest all over the lid or mix it with the color next to it. That color is a bit too grey for me to use on it’s own, but love mixing it with the others to create different looks.

Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara
Now if you know me personally you know I am a big fan of the original False Lash effect mascara from Max Factor. This one does not even come close.
Firstly, not sure if it was just mine, but the formula was very dry. Like a tube that has been open for a month already. Now some people might love that, and personally I can work with that. But the brush… I just don’t know how to work with it. It has these weird thick bristles and thin ones intertwined around the wand. Too bulky. I don’t know how to work with it without poking my eye or getting mascara all over.

Max Factor Ultrafine Brow Shaper
This is another love of mine. This is the first time I am trying one of the much spoken about super fine brow pencils. And I get the hype. For a long time my go to brow product is a pencil – as mentioned it gets the job done in no time. With this super fine tip it is so much easier to create hair like strokes. You can create just the brow type you like – wether that is defined and/or soft brows. The shade is just right for my brows, and it’s a twist up. Less mess – me likey! I love that it comes with a spooly on the other end. No need to carry multiple products for no reason.

Here’s one of the looks created using these products, also posted on Instagram (@nuhaa.ma)

Also on my face:
Primer: Maybelline Master Prime (50 Hydrating) & Too Faced Primed & Poreless
Foundation: Rimmel Match Perfection (Bronze) & Mac Cosmetics Lustre Drops (Sun Rush)
Corrector & Concealer: Bobbi Brown Corrector (Dark Bisque), Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (Caramel)
Eyelid base: Urban Decay Primer Potion

Blush: Max Factor Creme Puff Blush (Midnight Berries)
Lips: Milani in Teddy Bare & Max Factor in Midnight Mauve

Have you tried any of the eye products from Max Factors latest release?
Whats yourΒ 

As you may have guessed my favorites would be the two brow products and the least favorite would have to be the mascara.

2 0 1 7

I can’t believe we will soon be saying and typing 2018…seriously, where has time gone?

Allhamdulillah though, it is a good sign when you feel time has gone by quickly. Usually means time well spent and enjoyed. And it truly has been a good year filled with a lot of new memories I will take with me in the years to come in sha Allah.

Have you guys created your best 9 from Instagram 2017 posts?

These were the posts created based on mine and certainly some good moments put together Allhamdulillah πŸ’•

If to put in words the best moments I would have to say the times I got to meet and spend with friends and family. Don’t get to see them as often now that I live here in Dubai. So those moments are all the more special and treasured. Also the constant exploring of known and hidden gems of Dubai with hubby. And when he took me for a helicopter ride to see Dubai from above. Subhanallah, that was something! And our little getaways and staycation every now and then.

aaah so many!Β πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Allhamdulillah! πŸ’•

The Ordinary – EyeSerum Review

Remember the haul I did a little while back on some Ordinary products?

I have been testing the products for some time and the eye serum every day since it arrived in the mail.

Most of you might have heard about the Ordinary products. A brief summary on them:
Extremely reasonably priced skincare products that are based around essential ingredients you might need for your type of skin. That is both good and bad in one. If you know what the different ingredients target this is super ideal for you and you can build your own skincare. If not it can be highly confusing to know what to get.

For this reason is why I started of with what I felt was most easy to understand: the foundations and EyeSerum.

I will get back to the foundations a little later, but for now on to this caffeine solution:

“Reduces appearance of eye contour pigmentation and puffiness”

It comes with a droplet and you need only the tiniest amount.
I use this every morning and night and I must say I am very impressed.


Being so cheap, yet so hyped I was not sure what to expect from the brand. But I must say it does stick to its claims. It does reduce the puffiness and pigmentation more than I expected. Obviously it won’t make them disappear completely and does not claim that either.
More than having issues with pigmentation, I am loving the result of less puffiness. Pigmentation one can always conceal, though I am not complaining to not need heavy concealer all the time. But the puffiness used to get on my nerves. It would never really be anything anyone else noticed, but I always saw it. So I am very happy to see less of it allhamdulillah.


Now if you have fine lines in the under eye area, do not expect anything here. Tbh, for some reason I was expecting some results there, but then read the claims again and see it does not claim to do anything for that.. so technically speaking I had no reason to get disappointed. So just a heads up if thats your main issue and what you look for in an eye serum this is not for you.
However, if pigmentation and puffiness is something I do recommend it.
Be aware, it does feel a little dry and tightening when you use it the first couple of times before you get used to it. This was not a massive issue for me and after about a week I barely noticed it. The tightening just helps me feel and look more awake, guess that is the caffeine working.

You can find this eye serum on cult beauty.

Have you tried this or any of the other Ordinary products?